Employers - Frequently Asked Questions

What technology do I need to participate in the career fair?

To attend the job fair you will need:

  • Desktop computer, laptop computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Webcam and Microphone
  • Chrome browser required (most up-to-date version)

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How is SCORE different from other online job fairs?

SCORE, unlike other virtual career fairs, is an accessible online job fair that incorporates video, chat, real time captioning and sign language interpreters.

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Is Zoom similar to the SCORE?

Zoom is a single or group video platform. SCORE is much different. Replicating the actions of an in person career fair, SCORE is a face to face video experience with an individual recruiter and job seeker. Job seekers wait in a queue for their one on one meeting, if a sign language interpreter is needed a third video appears. During a SCORE, due to the security firewalls, Zoom should not be opened.

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Do Job Seekers indicate what jobs they are looking for?

Job Seekers complete a full profile with their resume and information relevant to their job search.

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Do you screen candidates?

We list job requirements provided by the recruiter and indicate recruiter preferences.

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Can recruiters view candidates resumes?


Recruiters get resume access before the job fair, however since job seekers register right up to the day of the event, an updated database will be available the day after to include all candidates. Recruiters get all registered job seeker data (profiles with resumes) in two forms, a spreadsheet and a searchable database.


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