Prepare for the Next Online Job Fair

Let's get ready!

Do you want to get a feel for how the job fair works before the actual day?

We think that's important, too! Here you'll find helpful information about your profile PLUS a live demonstration you can try out with mock companies. Keep reading...

Device screens with live career event

What's in my profile?


    Uploading your resume takes seconds to do. Click and select the file on your computer. Before you upload your resume, be sure to update it and proofreda...oops. That's what we mean. Proofread. Have a friend or colleague take a look.


    If you were a news article, this would be your title. Capitalize the main words. Use action, experience and qualities that describe you. Avoid clichés like the plague. Punctuation is not necessary!!!!

  • key words

    Too often, job seekers leave this area blank because they think the resume has it covered. Don't. This is how employers will search through hundreds of job seekers to get to YOUR resume. 

  • my picture

    Uploading a photo of you is completely optional. If you choose to do so, please keep it professional. More like LinkedIn and less like Facebook.

Try the Demonstration!

Step-by-step instructions and new demonstration experience are provided below. 

Please read through all the tips below before starting. You must be logged in to your Job Seeker Account to enter the Job Fair Demonstration.

Tips before the Demonstration

Use Chrome Browser

If the Live Job Fair link opens in a non-supported browser like Safari or Internet Explorer, copy and paste the link in a Chrome browser window.

Alternatively, you can use the most recent versions of Microsoft Edge and Firefox browsers. Be sure you are using the latest version.

Accept Permissions

The browser may request permission to use your web cam and microphone. This is normal.

You will need to accept both web cam and microphone to enter the Live Job Fair.

Mobile Device Users

When the job fair window connects, you will need to “show” or “hide” the keypad by clicking the icon in top-left corner of the mobile screen.

If you are on a slower wi-fi connection, the job fair may take a few extra seconds to load.

Only a Demo

Keep in mind this is for demonstration purposes only. You will not use this link for scheduled job fairs.

Your web cam will be on, just as it will be on the day of a scheduled job fair. However you will not be recorded if you choose to leave a message.

Getting to know the Job Fair Portal

To get started, be sure you have all the Device Requirements (below) in place. Read through the step-by-step instructions that describe all the features available to you on the job fair platform. The live demonstration follows below.


Device Requirements

Computer, Tablet or Smart Phone
Working web cam and microphone
Chrome, MS Edge or Firefox Browser
Steady Internet Connection

Job Fair Function Buttons

SHOW MESSAGING - Text Window (*also shows the number of people in line)
SHOW DICTATION - Start live transcription (like captions)
SETTINGS - Controls the size and color of message text
MUTE VIDEO- Turns your webcam off if you are waiting
MUTE AUDIO - Turns your microphone off if you are waiting

Steps to navigate the job fair platform

Click the Employer's "Meet Recruiter" button

Each employer area has a button that leads to the employer's recruitment booth. For this demonstration you will use the button that follows the instruction area (below).

Sample Employer Area:

Sample employer area with job listings and meet recruiter button

For Desktop/Laptop access, use the keypad to the right

After a welcome message, you will choose how to proceed. *Mobile users see instruction below.

computer keypad instructions

For Mobile Device Users:

After a welcome message, you will need to click the keypad to icon to show the keypad and the menu icon to show the drop-down menu.

Left image: Mobile phone icons and keypad shown. Right: Mobile drop-down menu

Mobile phone keypad and drop-down menu

Press 1 to Speak to a Recruiter

You will wait for the next available recruiter.

  • Click SHOW MESSAGING to view how many job seekers are ahead of you in line.
  • You can click SHOW DICTATION to view live transcription.

Moving image: click show messaging and 0 job seekers are waiting

Press 2 to Speak to a Recruiter with ASL

You will wait for the next available recruiter.

  • Click SHOW MESSAGING to view how many job seekers are ahead of your in line.
  • You can click SHOW DICTATION to view live transcription.
  • When the recruiter joins the meeting, they will connect the ASL Interpreter to the meeting. You can use text messaging if there is a delay.

ASL Screen- Wait for the next available recrruiter. Employer will connect interpreter

Press 3 to Leave a Video Message

You can do this at any time during the job fair if you are not able to wait for a recruiter. (You will not be recorded during the demonstration.)

  • You will have 3 minutes to leave a video message.
  • You choose when to begin recording.
  • Please provide your name so that the recruiter can locate your resume.
  • ASL videos are transcribed.

Preview to Leaving a Message-You will have 3 minutes to leave a video message-press 1 to continue-Please begin with name

Press 4 to Pause and Adjust Settings.

You can use this time to become familiar with the job fair platform features and practice turning features on and off. You can change the text messaging and transcription text size and color by clicking SETTINGS in the menu.

Pause Screen to adjust settings in the menu


When you are finished speaking with the recruiter, you can click DISCONNECT in the menu or you can close the window.

If you want to speak with a different employer you will need to return the job fair page.


If you can't access the Demonstration go to TROUBLE SHOOTING for different devices (iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC and smart devices).